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Project Mala USA, INC was established as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity in 2008 by Neville Platt. In addition to being one of the earliest sponsors of children he and his family support students at all levels of education. Neville’s contact information is available below. -

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About Sponsorship

  • All your sponsorship money goes to India. There are no remunerated personnel in the USA
  • Photos and reports are posted to personal logins and updated on a regular basis.
  • Children receive education, free uniform, food, medical care, sports and cultural training. For full information see About Us sub heading Project Mala

Schools Link

School Link

School link is a new feature. It will give a direct link between your school and one of our rural schools where information can be exchanged.

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Clubs / Societies

We are proud of our association with clubs and societies, many of whom have been supporting our work for years. This new area on our website is devoted to acknowledging their support and showing their members how we appreciate them.

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Sponsors Comments

I was so pleased to read the performance reports for my sponsored students at the Guria school. They have done so well and obviously appreciate everything that Project Mala is providing for them. Their results are amazing. Well done to you all for the wonderful work that you do and to those who made the time to enter the reports to your website.

Susan, United Kingdom

Thank you very much for making available the reports and photographs of the children. It gives me great pleasure and really puts a smile on my face to know about how they are doing and to hear about their interests and what they like doing. Keep up the good work all at Project Mala! :-)

Maxine Reid, England

We've had a good look around the website and are much impressed with the improvements.

Mrs. Valetta Griffith, England

I am delighted that Radhey has completed his primary stage schooling, wished to continue in secondary school. If you can, Please congratulate him for what he has achieved, wish him well in the future.

Mrs.McGrouther, United Kingdom

I've just received the latest Project Mala newsletter which, as always, makes very interesting reading. It really is amazing to read of the achievements of these children who come from such impoverished backgrounds and is a real testament to the work of the project. One of the things which always amazed me when I was working in India recruiting students to study at my university was the fantastic work ethic they had and the huge well of untapped talent within that great country.

Sheila Jackson

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Visitors Comments

Project Mala is undoubtedly the best child welfare project in the carpet industry area. I wish it the best for the future.

Mr V R Sharma, Obeetee Pvt. Ltd., India

An excellent effort and very lively environment. Keep it up and this is what will transform India.

Prof. S K Kak, Professor, Institute Of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, India.

The visit to the school has been a wonderful experience. All the best for the future and the continued good work.

Elaine Ray Albuecouergly, USA

What a wonderful video and a marvellous project! Congratulations on your work.

Sue Anker

What you and your team at Project Mala do is excellent and it gets better by the day. All the best.

Vinoo Sharma, India

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