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Project Mala was founded in 1989 as an action programme for the abolition of child labour in the hand knotted carpet industry in India. We provide education for children in the carpet weaving belt. Our programme includes education up to secondary school level, hot midday meal for all children and healthcare facilities. 80% of the funding comes from individual child sponsors.

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Sponsors Comments

Thank you for reminding me about the personal sponsor space on the website where I can find the latest updates on the children. I am very happy to sponsor children at Project Mala, you do such wonderful work! I notice that the two current children I am sponsoring are boys. I am happy to continue to support them until they pass through the school. However, may I request that the next children and subsequent children that I sponsor are girls please? It is a personal preference of mine to sponsor female children as I am a female and am half Indian. I hope this doesn't cause an issue in the administration in the future. Thank you

Maxine, England

We've had a good look around the website and are much impressed with the improvements.

Mrs. Valetta Griffith, England

Excellent!! I really enjoyed meeting the children and answering their questions!

Edwa Crosby, England

...Thank you for taking time out from your busy Christmas schedule to send me the email. I like receiving your emails that give me more information about the children that I sponsor. I doubt if any other charity in India would have this personal touch - they are more likely to send a letter from a template, if at all...I do look log in, soon after sponsoring each child, and then occasionally there after. This facility for donors is one of the many reasons that makes your charity outstanding...

Mr. Mohan Verma, England

...It is pleasure to support your charity. It seems to be, by far, the most well organised and run charity of its kind in India. I can imagine how difficult it is to setup and run a charity well in India, especially while based in England. Your success in doing this indicates to me your exceptional organisational and managerial abilities. I hope that your model will eventually be replicated all over India. ...I went to a primary school that was run by Catholic nuns and to a secondary school run by Jesuit priests. They were the best schools in Bombay at the time, and probably still are, and they too maintained strict discipline. However, unlike the Project Mala Schools, they did not provide meals, health care, etc. which are so eential for the poor children who attend your schools. I really admire what you have accomplished in India...

Mr. Mohan Verma, England

Visitors Comments

Professionally managed, with a lot of dedication and personal commitment, Project Mala deserve respect from everybody. STEP is happy to be part of it and proud that we can contribute.

Mr Ueli Ramseier, STEP Foundation, France.

Thank you for the chance to visit the schools. We were very impressed with the behaviour of the children and dedication of the staff. We are very glad to be able to donate to such a worthwhile organisation that has helped and continues to help so many people. Keep up the good work!!

Ms. Isla Kennedy, Ms. Rosie Boggis, London.

As always, it was a pleasure to visit Project Mala. The adult literacy programme was wonderful. It was very impressive to see the spirit of the ladies who attend it. Keep up the good work!

Geetanjali Krishna

The visit to the school has been a wonderful experience. All the best for the future and the continued good work.

Elaine Ray Albuecouergly, USA

Congratulations for the excellent work done, keep it up.

Mr. Vijay Ananthakrishnan, India