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Project Mala was founded in 1989 as an action programme for the abolition of child labour in the hand knotted carpet industry in India. We provide education for children in the carpet weaving belt. Our programme includes education up to secondary school level, hot midday meal for all children and healthcare facilities. 80% of the funding comes from individual child sponsors.

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  • Just a small part of my drive to work today...such a beautiful country Read More

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Sponsors Comments

Thank you very much for sending across this link. It was a very informative video video and I feel very proud of being involved in some of the most amazing work Project Mala does for these children. It inspires me to continue contributing towards this cause and although I cannot sponsor another child right now but soon I would do that. The news letters are very good way to keep in touch and the school report is also a very good tool to keep in touch and makes us feel like we are part of a child's education which would probably help him become a person they might not have otherwise. Also this video on project Mala's work and seeing Neetu speak so confidently brought a little smile on my face and made my day. Many thanks again for sharing this

Amritesh, England

Thank you for a lovely week. I really enjoyed working with you and meeting the staff and pupils. I was especially impressed by the lovely year 9 class who now know a bit more than they used to about the UK Constitution! Good lick with the sponsorship project and see you soon.

Jacob Bate, England

I am delighted that Radhey has completed his primary stage schooling, wished to continue in secondary school. If you can, Please congratulate him for what he has achieved, wish him well in the future.

Mrs.McGrouther, United Kingdom

Thank you very much for this latest newsletter which I found most interesting and informative. I am so pleased that a third pre-school for girls has been started and I very much hope that more pre-schools will come up in the very near future. I must add that that I have the greatest admiration and respect for those teachers at Hasra and Mujehra who are implementing this project.

Raghu Poduval

What a wonderful video and a marvellous project! Congratulations on your work.

Sue Anker

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Visitors Comments

Project Mala is very good Institution in field of primary education serving through non formal education with supplemental vocational training. I am very glad to see this institution.

Maria MALEVRI, UNESCO Education Specialist, New Delhi.

Very Impressed!

Mathias Koenig Archibugi, London School of Economics, England

An admirable step towards primary education in remote villages of a region which is not so developed. I wish this effort continues and replicates itself at many other locations. I wish I too could contribute to such efforts.

Bijoy Kumar Srivastav

Congratulations for the excellent work done, keep it up.

Mr. Vijay Ananthakrishnan, India

It is encouraging to learn of the success rate at your Turkahan pre-school for girls. The induction process in the film is excellent to nurture an interest in the girls towards education. We are glad that more is being done to encourage education of girls and that you have now been able to open a third pre-school at Hasra. We wish you the very best.

Kind regards Donald Mascarenhas

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