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Project Mala, Australia 

Project Mala Australia was established in 2012 in order that existing and new sponsors can make their payments in Australian dollars and receive the tax benefits for donating to a registered charity.  It also gives Project Mala its own identity in Australasia. To find out more follow the links below -

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School link is a new feature. It will give a direct link between your school and one of our rural schools where information can be exchanged.

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We are proud of our association with clubs and societies, many of whom have been supporting our work for years. This new area on our website is devoted to acknowledging their support and showing their members how we appreciate them.

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Sponsors Comments

Impressed by the organisation and dedication of all the staff involved in the education of these children. The results show in the discipline and respect shown by the children themselves. We are sure Project Mala will continue with the effort to bring so much needed education for these children. Thank you for showing us your lovely school and bright students!

Stefania & Graham Barker, England

We've had a good look around the website and are much impressed with the improvements.

Mrs. Valetta Griffith, England

I am delighted that Radhey has completed his primary stage schooling, wished to continue in secondary school. If you can, Please congratulate him for what he has achieved, wish him well in the future.

Mrs.McGrouther, United Kingdom

...It is pleasure to support your charity. It seems to be, by far, the most well organised and run charity of its kind in India. I can imagine how difficult it is to setup and run a charity well in India, especially while based in England. Your success in doing this indicates to me your exceptional organisational and managerial abilities. I hope that your model will eventually be replicated all over India. ...I went to a primary school that was run by Catholic nuns and to a secondary school run by Jesuit priests. They were the best schools in Bombay at the time, and probably still are, and they too maintained strict discipline. However, unlike the Project Mala Schools, they did not provide meals, health care, etc. which are so eential for the poor children who attend your schools. I really admire what you have accomplished in India...

Mr. Mohan Verma, England

Well done. A very caring and well organised school. All the children look happy.

Mr. Ken Garland, United Kingdom

Visitors Comments

This project will really help the rural children and peope to make their own identity in in the society. The way of imparting education is quite appreciable.

Mr Ashutosh Pandey, BHU, Varanasi, India (17.01.2005)

Very impresed and hope to help in anyway

Graham Head ABC Carpets USA

Project Mala is undoubtedly the best child welfare project in the carpet industry area. I wish it the best for the future.

Mr V R Sharma, Obeetee Pvt. Ltd., India

I have yet to see a NGO school with such infrastructure, good teaching and very good environment for teaching. Well done.

Dr. B. Zutshi, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

This is an excellent and much needed school.

Sir Mark Tully OBE

News & Events

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    Coastal Ride to raise money for Project Mala ...Read more
  • Rhodri fundraiser
    Undertaking the Tour de Mont Blanc; walking over 200km and climbing over 34,000ft (Mt. Everest is 29,029ft!) to raise money for Project Mala...Read more
  • Yorkshire Post (July 4, 2012)
    'Hard lessons over plight of child labourers' in Yorkshire Post. Read article
  • Dush Patel fundraiser
    Running the Comrades for a distance of 56 miles (89km) in less than 11 hours to raise money for Project Mala...Read more
  • Children hurt in road accident
    Twenty six of our children travel 20 kilometres each way to our Guria Middle School from their home village of Mujehra. On Monday 21st November...Read more
  • Mukesh's prayer
    Mukesh Kumar is one of our children. His father was a drunkard and did not care for his family... Read more
  • Children win place for gifted children
    I am constantly surprised at how bright some children can be when they are brought up in such primitive surroundings... Read more
  • Villager praises Project Mala
    Devdatta Singh is a retired soldier in the Indian army. His granddaughter, Neetu Singh, attended Project Mala Hasra school...Read more
  • Harry's climb
    My name is Harry Welch. I am 10 years old and live in North Yorkshire and I am raising sponsorship money for Project Mala... Read more
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